Experience Tourism in Italy

Whether you want local folklore and culture, crazy adventures or peace and relaxation, Calabria has a little of everything.

Experience Tourism in Italy – Those who visit Calabria have the opportunity to learn from our land and from our local people: be it in the field of history, archaeology, art, cooking or culture – or something as simple (but beautiful) as the production of olive oil (our green gold), or the cultivation of local grapes to make wonderful Calabrian wine (our red gold). Even personal beauty is found in the terra of Calabria, as natural products are used to make skincare and soap products, in the same way as has been done for centuries.

Our gold is complimented with jewels; the greatest being the blue jewel of our sea. With experience tourism in Italy, tourists can learn how to fish using old traditional methods, how the local economy depends on the health of the sea and the work of the fisherman, and how small artisans create everyday ceramic art pieces, wood art crafts, jewels, clothes and souvenirs inspired by the wild ruggedness and tempered tranquillity of the coast around them.

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These links don’t do anywhere, did you know that? Alternatively, get in contact to propose your itinerary idea of experience tourism in Italy! Base the start of your amazing holiday in Soverato – lodged in our comfortable and well-appointed facilities, enjoying the beach, the food and the warm tropical weather but, at the same time, enriching your stay with one of our ‘learning proposals’!
Our core philosophy is that tourists can and should contribute to the local development of Calabria using their hands and by bringing their creativity and ideas – we seek adventurers who share our vision and find passion and enrichment in the idea of involving themselves with local people, local businesses and local passions – taking home more than just a postcard when they leave, and leaving more than just empty sunscreen bottles.