Cultural Tourism in Italy: Choose the itinerary right for you!

CTE was born to promote cultural tourism in Italy and to create a tourism business which would bring interationalisation to Calabria, a beautiful region in the south of Italy. Tourists who visit Calabria have the opportunity to learn from our land and from our local people by being in the field of history, archaeology, art, cooking or culture.

CTE is the right choice if you are looking for cultural tourism in Italy. In fact we offer four different cultural itineraries for your trip here in Calabria, you only have to find which of our cultural and colourful route is right for you!

Blue&Funny: this is the perfect itinerary for people who desire to escape far from the high and anxious rhythm of the daily life. You will discover the blue and healthful Jonian Coast where you can swim free, you can fish or, if you prefer, you can run along the Coast.

Green&Dynamic: in this itinerary you will find the contact with the nature and you will learn all about the Calabrian territory by making excursions that will make you feel free and connected to the nature.

Orange&aSlow: in this itinerary you can find the perfect mix of nature and physical activities. It is the best itinerary if you need to unplug and to take care of your mind and your soul.

Red&Spicy: this itinerary is made for lovers and for those who love each other. We can draw the itinerary together by following your wishes and supporting you with our knowledge of the territory. You will live an unique and exciting experience.

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